Women and Girls Training

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Women and girls (school drop outs) in Kiziranfumbi Sub county Kikuube district have been trained in hand work using locally available materials. Because environment destruction has cleared swamps were women used to get papyrus as materials to weave baskets, NAVODA had to provide for alternative materials that can be used to do weaving and which are environmental friendly. The participants have been trained to make baskets, hats, trays, bags using the fallen leaves of pine trees and polythene papers. Polythene papers, pine leaves and plastics take long to rot and decompose. Therefore, in a bid to protect the environment we had to put them into use. This will also act as a source of income to their homes and taking care of the children as most of them are single mothers and school drop outs who cannot attain employment. Also reduce the pressure on the destruction of swamps to get papyrus.

help women and chidren in the albertine region, uganda