NAVODA manages a toll free call Centre that receives Land based conflicts in the Districts of Hoima, Kikube and Buliisa. Clients with land matters call in and their cases are recorded. Some clients are given advise on phone as requested and others helped through community based mediations. Other clients are given free Legal Aid services led by a team of Lawyers from Civic Response on Environment and Development (CRED).

NAVODA does locus mediations on land-based conflicts that are received through the toll-free line and office walk ins. Mediation is a quick way of resolving conflicts and its less costly in terms of time and money, it also enables a win-win situation. Mediation helps to reduce on Court backlogs. During the year 2019 a number of 65 were received (30 cases were mediated) were mediated and (25) referred to other stake holders like police, Justice Centers, CRED for legal redress.