River Wambabya Conservation

A brief report on Upper River Wambabya

NAVODA Staff met a group of 12 people and we discussed the following:

  • What does let or cause the people dig and plant at the edges of river Wambabya?.
  1. Looking for fertile land
  2. Planting tobacco, rice, and beans
  3. The NFA chased away the people from the hills of Kyahaiguru for forest reserve
  4. The people does not obey the regulations
  5. A number of people are looking for money through burning charcoal
  6. Poverty
  7. Distilling the local bear
  8. Those conserved are always blamed and resulted into cutting down the forests.


  1. What can be done to protect the River?
  1. Respect the laws governing the wetlands
  2. Create buffer zones
  3. Provide seedlings that protects water
  4. The Government should come out penalize those who breach the laws


  1. Recommendations
  1. Civil Society should give out productive incentives for those who protects the forests
  2. Incentives like: Cows that produces Milk, Pigs and chicken

A group on the source of River Wambaby in the upper segment is called River Wambabya Nature Conservation Group – with 15 members. It was established in 2008 by NAVODA working with WWWF.








NAVODA Staff  monitoring an improved mongo seedling that was provided to the Water Users in River Wambabya Middle Segment